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CSR Initiatives

KDC’s social responsibility policies and activities are an integral part of the company culture and the main aspects are captured in our approach to “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR).

For KDC people CSR is about living the values and principles that govern the way we operate as an organisation and behave as individuals. It is about ensuring we sustain safe operations, have a positive impact on our people, the communities we work in and the wider environment and build the trust and respect of our customers and other stakeholders.

KDC engages with the local supply chain wherever possible to enhance socioeconomic prospects for communities local to our projects and offices. As an example please see This is the KDC approach to supporting the local supply chain required for major nuclear power station decommissioning and demolition.

KDC support and sponsor local children’s organisations such as Cumbrian Cricket and Youth Rugby teams in Manchester, Barrow, Staffordshire and Oxfordshire.

The nature of KDC’s services necessitates a proactive and responsible approach to all environmental matters. KDC’s most recent materials analysis return to NFDC demonstrated that 98% of materials from our decommissioning and demolition activities were reused or recycled.

Minimising our environmental impacts and maximising opportunities to enhance the environment are at the heart of our sustainable approach. We make sure the environment is properly considered in all our decisions. Every KDC project has an environmental management plan and a site waste management plan. We also seek to be effective and efficient with the resources we use by ensuring environmental stewardship through our environmental management systems.

A copy of KDC’s CSR policy statement can be found here.

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