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Demolition of Manchester Arndale

Manchester ArndaleCLIENT: Bovis Lend Lease

DATE: May 2003

DURATION: 116 days

VALUE: £5.3m

The scope of works for the demolition of Manchester Arndale included:

  • Service diversions/alterations
  • Asbestos removal
  • Soft strip and demolition
  • Processing, crushing and removal

Prior to any works commencing, KDC, Bovis Lend Lease and Balfour Kilpatrick worked closely together to manage the safe removal and isolation of live services through the demolition area, as Arndale Tower, Arndale South and the service road beneath Arndale North had to remain live. To ensure that these areas remained functional all services had to be considered and the protective measures included diversion works, crash decks over live services and isolation works. The bulk of the site was demolished using remote demolition methods i.e. long reach demolition excavators with shear attachments to cut and process the structure at height, with sections of concrete and steelwork cut and lowered down to ground level.

At its peak there were three long reach demolition excavators working simultaneously. Secondary plant, situated immediately behind these excavators, were used to further process material e.g. hydraulic pulverisers which crushed the arisings, separating the steel from the concrete. Some sections of the structure were fully dismantled using cranes, access platforms and mini plant to remove upper floors of the structure leaving lower floors for re-use in the final scheme.

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