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Longbridge – New West Works

Longbridge CLIENT: St Mowden Developments

DATE: Apr 08

DURATION: 8 months

VALUE: 2.1m

This project was for the clearance of a major car plant at the old Rover site at Longbridge, Birmingham. KDC operated as principal contractor for this high profile project. The scope of works included the licensed removal of asbestos, de-planting/ sale of salvageable equipment and the demolition and processing of the main building.

Advantages received by the client included a saving on rateable value for the empty buildings with the project costs almost fully realised from the recycling of the recovered metals, which formed a scrap credit.

As part of St Modwen’s environmental responsibilities the waste streams for the demolition arisings were carefully selected, managed and recorded through the Site Waste Management Plan. The end result confirmed a total of 95% of all materials on the site being recycled. The recycled materials included metals, crushed brick and concrete, glass and plasterboard.

At the peak of the works KDC had eight specialised demolition specified excavators working with a variety of attachments to demolish, process, segregate and load the arisings.

The project was completed on programme and to budget and KDC continues to enjoy a good relationship with St Modwen Developments, who are happy to stand as referee to bear testimony to KDC’s experience and ability.

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