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Sellafield Demolition Framework


CLIENT: Sellafield Limited

LOCATION: Sellafield Site, Seascale, Cumbria

Demolition of redundant facilities adjacent to operational plant on a congested nuclear licensed site.

Use of conventional techniques developed over a number of years of providing similar services to the petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Project description and key features:
KDC was one of three companies awarded the framework. The projects consist of project management, design, operational management documentation, asbestos removal (including notification), demolition, waste minimisation and consignment.

The principal challenge in executing these tasks is that of the reservations held by the site staff, and in particular the safety community (implementation and safety case). KDC resolved these issues by engaging with key stakeholders to understand the reservations and perceptions with work of this nature and demonstrating through our experience the use of demolition best practice to safely undertake these works.

KDC undertook a variety of projects across the site including demolition of a facility within the Separation Area of the site. Due to the congested nature of the site, this also required installing necessary protection of adjacent services to ensure the works could be undertaken safely.

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