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KDC carries out work at Sellafield


The Resident Engineer’s office on the Sellafield site has been safely demolished by KDC after 50 years of service.

The demolition took 10 weeks and in total some 565 tonnes of material was cleared from the site.

Antony Hewetson, demolitions operations manager, Sellafield Ltd, said: “The demolition was managed by the Sellafield Demolition Intelligent Customer Team and delivered by KDC and Astrel under the Decommissioning Framework Agreement.

Steve Slater, head of programme Sellafield Remediation and Decommissioning Projects, Sellafield Ltd, added: “I would like to add my personal thanks to the team for a great job done. Completion of this project represents another change to the Sellafield skyline and is visual proof of our commitment to accelerating decommissioning on the Sellafield site".

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