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KDC celebrate our 4th year in a hugely successful partnership.


Cumbria Cricket Ltd and KDC celebrate the 4th year of a hugely successful partnership.

Cumbria Cricket Ltd (formerly Cumbria Cricket Board) is the Local Governing Body for cricket in Cumbria, in addition to being an affiliate member of the England & Wales Cricket Board.

KDC has sponsored Cumbria Crickets’ coaching programme allowing over 50,000 children to be introduced to cricket, and play in intra and inter competitions, especially in Kwik Cricket competitions.

18 months ago KDC agreed to sponsor Cumbria Cricket’s St. Bees Academy at St. Bees School on the West Coast. Bob Simpson, of Cumbria Crickets, states "Without the generous sponsorship from KDC we would not be able to deliver a quality programme to pupils in the 150 plus schools that are part of the programme. This is the most important area of work; introducing young people to the game of cricket and the benefits it brings to them. I am also delighted that KDC has invested in our St Bees Academy on the west coast”.




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