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Providing safe, sustainable, innovative and cost effective solutions for contaminated land and groundwater remediation.

KDC understands remediation projects can be complex, carry a certain amount of risk, whether contractual or financial, and can be stressful for all stakeholders involved in the project.  KDC’s specialist remediation team brings a wealth of technical knowledge and practical experience gathered over many years in contaminated land remediation. 

We provide practical, innovative and cost effective solutions for customers looking for reassurance from experts that deliver remediation projects of all sizes and complexities. We recognise that each project has differing needs. By utilising our experience, knowledge, technical ability and meticulous approach, we can gain the optimum result for clients, regulators and the community.

KDC provides comprehensive services, managing all aspects of remediation from initial feasibility study through to final site handover. These include:

KDC can provide full UK coverage from our regional centres in Manchester and Grangemouth. KDC holds the appropriate accreditations and licences to carrying out all remedial works and ensure our practices comply with the standards supported by the regulatory bodies throughout the UK

With so many remediation techniques available today, choosing the most sustainable and economical treatment method can be difficult. A number of factors contribute to the selection of the most appropriate remediation technique.  KDC draws on its extensive experience of the industry to complete detailed remediation options appraisals and ensure the correct technique is selected.

To complete the options appraisal the following factors are addressed:

  • Reviewing the conceptual site model to identify the complete pollutant linkages.
  • Assess which remediation techniques will achieve the target levels for the site.
  • Complete a cost and sustainability analysis for each technique.
  • Assess the environmental impact from the potential techniques.

When the suitable technique has been selected, KDC can undertake the detailed design of the treatment and complete the Remediation Strategy. Part of this process usually involves gaining regulator endorsements and approvals.

Further explanation of KDC services can be found in this Remediation section.

Environmental case studies can be found here

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