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On-site Analysis

KDC prides itself in offering cost effective solutions for the remediation of contaminated land.  For most projects, this involves the minimisation of material undergoing treatment or removal.  Our experience of on-site chemical analysis will help reduce costs significantly.

We have an in-house capability to undertake on-site chemical analysis for heavy metals, petroleum and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, PCBs, chlorinated solvents and phenols.

The results from the on-site chemical analysis are available virtually instantaneously, allowing real time decisions to be made rather than wait on a conventional external laboratory sample to be analysed.  This saves on machine standing time costs, removes the requirement to stockpile material for sampling and laboratory testing.  It allows excavations to be backfilled in a timely manner and prevent unnecessary risks from leaving excavations open.

The on-site analysis can also assist in the waste classification of soils which require removal from site, provided WAC analysis has been previously completed.  KDC has negotiated with landfills to accept contaminated soils based on the results from on-site analysis.

A cost comparison between on-site analysis and external laboratory analysis shows that on average, on-site analysis is significantly cheaper, allowing more analysis to be completed for a lower budget.  Thus, there is a greater confidence of the nature and distribution of contamination over a site.

Environmental case studies can be found here

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