Case Study | Mexichem Fluor: Decommissioning

Case Study Mexichem Fluor: Decommissioning

complex dismantling and demolition


Scope: Decommissioning
Duration: 12 months

Chemical Manufacturer

– Complex dismantling and large scale
demolition packaged projects delivery.

CSC Mexichem Fluor Runcorn Chemicals UK Waste

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Update: 2019


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The challenge

Mexichem Fluor (now Koura) completed the implementation of a number of strategic business decisions which led to the rationalisation of their UK operations. This rationalisation programme rendered a number of assets redundant. Mexichem has undertaken a rolling program of disposal projects to clear the Runcorn site of these assets.

Mexichem operate within the former ICI site. KDC Contractors Ltd, a Veolia company, were selected for the initial project in their rolling programme of complex dismantling and demolition within the high hazard, chemical process facility. The works were undertaken on completion of the plant decommissioning programme. On execution of the initial phase we were subsequently awarded all their phased disposal packages of work on the site.

Veolia’s solution

Complex dismantling and demolition packaged projects delivery All packages have been operated under a TOR arrangement, with KDC fulfilling the role of Principal Contractor. Each package also incorporates KDC’s Safe System of Work Procedures. The final state of all phases was to leave a flat, level surface.

zero injuries

The benefits for our client

The works were carried out on-time, within budget and to specification.

Process description

Restricted data due to confidentiality

The project was divided into four different projects:

● Project Red

Specific components of a hydrogen fluoride plant and associated equipment items. The remaining redundant plant structure, vessels, pipework and cabling were demolished to grade. Due to the proximity of live infrastructure, the risk of residual hydrogen fluoride chemical being present in the process pipelines and the requirement to salvage equipment, this project involved significant
elements of careful dismantling. The process involved the removal of a rotary kiln, located on three trunnions, weighing in excess of 400T. This was sequentially dismantled adopting an engineered cutting sequence. Other significant tasks included the advance deplanting of the HF pipelines, considering their potentially contaminated condition and the deplanting, packaging and shipping of the salvage assets.

● Project Blue (Shown in the photo)

In 2017 Mexichem entered into an agreement to sell a Klea refrigerant asset and KDC were appointed to carry out the role of Managing Principal Contractor for the dismantling, packaging and shipping of the assets to India. KDC are also responsible for the demolition of the none process plant structures, including pipe racks, service buildings, warehouses and utility plant. The project was completed in September 2018.

● Project Green

Specific components of a Chlorodifluoromethane unit dismantled and shipped by KDC as part of a client salvage programme.The remaining redundant plant structure, vessels, pipework and cabling were demolished to grade level due to the close proximity of a network of live pipe racks and an operational substation, the large sections of the plant were dismantled prior to the remaining areas being remotely demolished.

● Project Purple

This project consisted of three individual process units.. Hazards included asbestos, unsafe structures, live services and operational buildings in close proximity. A combination of deplanting and remote demolition techniques was adopted in a carefully planned sequence to ensure the safe execution of the works.


“Thermal oxidiser safely landed and being prepared for shipping to
India….Project Red team on 30k man-hours, on plan, budget and most
importantly, no harm to people or the environment. First Class.”
LEE DRAPER, Client Project Manager
Mexichem Fluor

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