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Ironbridge Power Station mural returns home

KDC was asked to carry out the safe removal of an enormous mosaic at Ironbridge Power Station. The mural has had pride of place in the station’s main conference room for nearly 50 years and will return home to the school which created and designed it back in 1966.

Project Engineer, Ian Gilfoyle and the KDC site decommissioning team, ensured that the delicate procedure caused little to no damage to the colourful ceramic tiles, depicting images of the local area’s status as the birthplace of the industrial revolution.

With an estimated weight of almost half a tonne, acrow props were positioned to support and preserve the massive artwork during its removal. Reciprocating saws were used to precisely trace around the key features and allow piece by piece transport back to its original home at St. Martin’s Modern School in Oswestry, ready for reassembly.

Any loose tiles were collected and segregated to make sure the striking mural is restored to its full potential; to be appreciated by pupils for years to come.

KDC were privileged to be entrusted with this project and found it immensely satisfying to be able to make a contribution to the local community.

The iconic Ironbridge plant will be demolished in 2017.  After having played such an important role in the community, the conservation of this piece will keep its history alive for future generations as a vibrant reminder of the area’s proud industrial past.

“St Martins School are delighted to welcome home a mosaic that had been on display at the Ironbridge power station since 1966.

 The mosaic was designed and created by staff and students and is an important part of the history of St Martins, the surrounding area and the school. It is approximately 2.6m high and 4.7m wide, and depicts images synonymous with the industrial revolution.

 This huge venture would not have been possible without the support, time and effort of Ridgway Rentals and KDC.

 We are investigating how this piece of artwork can be safely displayed in school.”

- Sue Lovecy, Head of St Martin's School

Further information about the project can be found on the Ridgway Rentals newspage, available here.

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