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KDC completes decontamination and demolition contract for Research Sites Restoration Ltd.


In early March 2014 KDC succeeded in its bid for a decontamination and demolition contract, proposed by Research Sites Restoration Ltd.

The work which was carried out at Harwell’s Liquid Effluent Treatment Plant (LETP), is a familiar location to KDC contractors who have undertaken similar projects on this site; including the size reduction and packaging of the B336.18 Whessoe Tank.

The project, which will be closed out at the end of this week, included the removal of a plastic Pipe Bridge and all associated components; the segregation and management of waste materials; the decontamination of Tanks 1, 4A and 4B to the agreed radiological clearance levels; and the demolition of Buildings B336.16 and B336.13.

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