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KDC contribute to Sellafield’s first 100 buildings demolished.


KDC congratulate Sellafield on reaching their first 100 buildings demolished.  This was achieved with the help of our in-house demolition operatives as part of a long-term Decommissioning Framework. 

The decommissioning of the Sellafield site began in 2007 and is expected to take over 100 years to complete, with an estimated delivery date of 2120. Over 1300 facilities are designated for demolition as part of the Decommissioning Framework; ranging from chemical plants and waste stores to portacabins.

The 100th building to be demolished on site was a store, but the next item on the agenda for Sellafield is the site’s tallest standing chimney, which stretches 122 meters from the ground to the stainless steel flue which sits atop the chimney.

For more information on the history of Sellafield’s decommissioning and demolition please click on the link.

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