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Decontamination Services

KDC offer decommissioning services, including decontamination (asbestos, radiological and chemo-toxic), de-planting, asset disposal, demolition and land remediation.

KDC Decommissioning Services DecontaminationDecommissioning services – decontamination

Decontamination is part of a broader decommissioning, demolition, and land remediation service.

The precursor to any decontamination activity is to develop management, health and safety and environmental arrangements and the project quality plan.

Careful asbestos management:

KDC provides complete end-to-end asbestos management solutions including supervision, asbestos removal, and remediation services on large and small-scale works.

Highly experienced in the management of asbestos, we hold a full three-year HSE asbestos licence. Our current licence (No. 951203848) is valid until July 2018.

We have a successful track record safely removing asbestos in a variety of markets including nuclear, energy and natural resources, chemical, pharmaceutical, public sector and industrial.

Asbestos removal teams

We are qualified and medically monitored; Thus ensuring that we take the utmost precaution whilst removing or disposing of asbestos. KDC invests heavily in training to guarantee that we use the most current and effective safety measures and procedures.

Is asbestos safe?

Asbestos has been in more than half a million buildings throughout the UK since the 1950s. If you have asbestos in your premises; You will need to take action depending on the asbestos identified within the survey and its condition.

Sometimes Asbestos may safely stay in place if encapsulated, not disturbed, with clear labelling and regular monitoring of its condition.

Safety regulations

KDC will make sure that our highly trained specialists safely control the remediation procedure to meet the requirements of all regulations. We are meticulous at every stage; From the initial survey right through to the post-removal inspections.

  • Provision of all environmental, contamination (radiological, asbestos, chemotoxic & biological) and safety case documentation
  • Definition of waste routes and provision of all contaminated waste management documentation
  • Confirmation of discharge licenses and routes
  • Definition of all contamination and environmental monitoring
  • Provision of contamination advice
  • Design of ventilation/containment systems and enabling works

KDC will undertake this in the design stage by:

  • Desktop study and development of the History File
  • Confirmation of likely contaminants, isotopes, and markers
  • Prior Contamination and Radiological Risk Assessment
  • Definition of action levels

a risk-based selection using sealed glove bags in designated areas often with vented containments.

wipes / abrasives, wrap and cut and fix for demolition.

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KDC Decommissioning Services Decontamination

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