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KDC’s decontamination service is often provided as part of a broader decommissioning, demolition and land remediation service.

KDC’s Characterisation, Decontamination and Demolition methodology:

  • Is based upon mechanical means wherever practicable
  • Uses manual intervention only within safe and stable environment
  • Uses well trained, experienced and security cleared staff
  • Decommissions the facility in a manner that keeps manual intervention to a minimum

The precursor to any decontamination activity is to develop management, health and safety and environmental arrangements and the project quality plan.

KDC then designs the decontamination approach including:

  • Provision of all environmental, contamination (radiological, asbestos, chemotoxic & biological) and safety case documentation
  • Definition of Waste Routes and provision of all contaminated waste management documentation
  • Confirmation of discharge licenses and routes
  • Definition of all contamination and environmental monitoring
  • Provision of contamination advice
  • Design of ventilation/containment systems and enabling works

Characterisation of the potential hazards is essential and KDC will undertake this in the design stage through:

  • Desktop study and development of the History File
  • Confirmation of likely contaminants, isotopes and markers
  • Prior Contamination and Radiological Risk Assessment
  • Definition of action levels

Containment is through a risk based selection using sealed glovebags in designated areas often with vented containments.

Methods include: wipes/abrasives, wrap and cut and fix for demolition.

KDC case studies can be found here

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