Demolition Dismantling & Disposal Services


Demolition Dismantling Disposal ServicesKDC demolition, dismantling & disposal services. We also offer competitive decommissioning services, including strategy development, hazard characterisation, decontamination (asbestos, radiological & chemo-toxic), recycling/resale & remediation Services.

Demolition dismantling & disposal

Our team has safely delivered a wide range of demolition projects for over 20 years; So, our experienced engineers are experts in demolition.

We have developed industry best practice and understand the practical, safety and legislative challenges posed by nuclear, energy and natural resources, chemical/process, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, industrial and public sector customers.

At KDC, we understand that demolition works can need a more delicate approach, particularly when working within a live plant facility or working near sensitive receptors. Therefore, we use a range of precision demolition techniques that allow the least disturbance to the surrounding areas.

Precision demolition provides the ability to work semi remotely, thus reducing risk to operatives and can offer fast and correct solutions for your demolition needs. These methods include: diamond wire sawing; remote demolition; track sawing; UHP water jet cutting.Demolition Dismantling Disposal Services

KDC’s characterisation, demolition dismantling & disposal methodology:

  • Uses mechanical means wherever possible
  • Practices manual intervention only within a safe and stable environment
  • Uses trained, experienced and security cleared staff
  • The overall strategy is to decommission the facility in a manner that keeps manual intervention to a minimum.

Customers select KDC based on our approach to SHE, our demolition methodologies and our ability to recover/recycle over 98% of materials. We are commercially competitive and customers return to KDC again and again.

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