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Risk Assessment

A key element of developing a decommissioning, demolition and land remediation strategy for an asset is a comprehensive risk assessment of the structures, services and all potential hazards and contaminants throughout the structures and processes.

Effective risk management is key to the success of all frameworks and projects. KDC understand risks change through the life cycle of a project. Thus the approach to managing them must also change. KDC facilitate effective and collaborative risk management based on the diagram below.

Risk Assesement Key enablersKey enablers for our risk management process are:

  • Ownership for specific risks is held by the entity best placed to manage it. Each party must be involved with early identification of risks to ensure correct assignment.
  • A Risk Management Plan is created and approved by KDC and the customer.
  • Risk Identification will be most effectively achieved through a risk workshop.
  • A Qualitative and Quantitative Evaluation is undertaken for each risk identified. Qualitatively for probability of occurrence/ impact; quantitatively for cost and programme impact. This will identify which risks warrant more robust management. Every risk will be allocated an owner.

 Risk Management text box

KDC are able to provide comprehensive risk assessment services. Contact KDC here if you have a specific enquiry.

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