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Survey Work

A key element of our service is an accurate survey of the asset and all potential hazards.

The physical investigation work scope is likely to include the following elements:

  • The most likely areas requiring investigation will be ducts, filters, vessels, service runs, pipes, etc. The investigation will take the form of visual inspections and sampling work. The chosen sample point locations will have considered the access restrictions caused by the congested nature of the pipe runs and the potential for asbestos containing materials being present.
  • Accessing specific process pipes, services and facilities via a variety of methods which may include cold cutting.
  • Samples will be collected using swabs and specialist grabs depending on the requirements of the particular area being sampled.
  • Analysis will be undertaken using specialist independent and accredited laboratories.  More than one laboratory may be required depending on the complexity of the analysis and KDC have established relationships with suitable laboratories. 

The results will be used to produce an updated hazard risk matrix within a detailed report. The hazard matrix is intended to be a live document and can always be updated from initial desk study, following physical sampling results and also during the actual decommissioning itself. 

The report will also include annotated drawings showing the locations of the sampling and any areas of concern.  A simple colour coding traffic light type system will be adopted.  This will be used to identify process plant/ items, etc. which are:

Green - No further cleaning will be required prior to decommissioning and items could be recovered for scrap or for non-hazardous landfilling.

Amber - Some contamination may be present and may present a low risk for the decommissioning of the facility.  Some cleaning may be required prior to dismantling or decommissioning.

Red - Deemed to be high risk and constitute potential hazardous waste. Further cleaning is likely prior to dismantling or decommissioning.

The report will ultimately be used to assist in producing a detailed Scope of Work document for decommissioning of the facility.

KDC are able to provide comprehensive survey services. Contact KDC here if you have a specific enquiry.

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